Advanced Solutions to Protect Organizations

With a commitment to operational excellence, confidentiality, and professionalism, Kriptia positions itself as a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes and sectors.

Advanced Solutions to Protect Organizations

Global Provider of Security, Logistics, and Solutions for Your Company

Kriptia is a renowned global provider of corporate security and intelligence, specializing in offering advanced solutions to protect organizations from a wide range of threats and risks. With its global presence and extensive industry experience, Kriptia is committed to delivering tailored security and intelligence services to meet the specific needs of its clients worldwide.

Kriptia stands out for its ability to adapt to the evolving challenges of the global security landscape, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, innovative approaches, and a team of highly qualified experts. Its range of services includes corporate investigations, critical infrastructure protection, cyber threat monitoring, risk analysis, security training, and much more.

We Protect Your Company's Interests

With a commitment to operational excellence, confidentiality, and professionalism, Kriptia positions itself as a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes and industries. We offer customized solutions to tackle the most complex challenges, ensuring the security and protection of corporate interests on a global scale.


With a global network of over 200 highly qualified professionals, Kriptia offers a wide range of advanced solutions to meet the security needs of companies worldwide.

Enhance Your Global Business Intelligence with Kriptia

At Kriptia, we transform complex data into strategic insights, essential for global success. With cutting-edge solutions and innovative technologies, we provide the tools for informed and competitive decisions. Trust Kriptia to navigate global business challenges with clarity and confidence.

Embedded Security Management

From risk assessment to planning and implementing security strategies, Kriptia is committed to ensuring the comprehensive protection of people, assets and corporate information.

Redefine your business with Counterparty Analysis and OSINT methodology in 192 countries around the world

Kriptia provides in-depth counterparty analysis and advanced OSINT methodology to ensure a comprehensive strategic view of your business partners. With cutting-edge technologies and expert use of open data, we support companies in making informed decisions, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities. Rely on Kriptia to ensure transparency, security and competitive advantage in your global partnerships

Digital Platforms

Kriptia has innovative and proprietary digital platforms that it makes available to its clients to automate Risk Audit, Security Management and Due Diligence processes. Kriptia’s platforms are designed to offer advanced, customized solutions, enabling companies to efficiently and accurately manage all phases of Risk Audit, Security Management and Due Diligence. These state-of-the-art technology tools ensure a reduction in operational time and costs.

LIFE: Empowering Employees and Top Management Globally with Kriptia

Kriptia’s LIFE program is dedicated to enhancing the career path of employees and top management worldwide. Through innovative solutions and strategic insights, we foster growth, collaboration and leadership excellence. Choose Kriptia to elevate your team and ensure a dynamic and prosperous business environment.

Travel Security and Analysis for Travel Personnel

Ensure the security of your traveling staff with Kriptia’s advanced solutions. We offer detailed analytics and customized protection for your employees on the move, ensuring safe and worry-free travel anywhere in the world.