Corporate Policy

This Corporate Quality Policy defines the objectives and principles of action to ensure the quality of the services provided, to respect the environment, and to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, thus protecting the health of our employees.

Corporate Policy

The KRIPTIA project was born in 2012 with the aim of supporting Italian companies in managing security issues related to their premises, business, and people. Over time, Kriptia has expanded in resources and experience, and in 2015 it crossed borders to provide its services to an increasingly international audience. With a strict ethical code and a mission that prioritizes the development and security of corporate entities, today Kriptia boasts a solid client portfolio in both the Italian and international markets. The name Kriptia originates from the Greek term κρυπτός / kryptós (“hidden”, “secret”), which designated an elite team of young warriors who were selected for their exceptional training achievements. This team was responsible for the strategic successes of the city of Sparta, often compared to a secret police force. Similarly, Kriptia consists of a team of young experts, carefully selected based on practical and educational experience, capable of using the most advanced intelligence tools and techniques, as well as a solid and extensive information network.

This Corporate Quality Policy defines the objectives and principles of action to ensure the quality of the services provided, to respect the environment, and to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, thereby protecting the health of our employees.

KRIPTIA Srl bases its work entirely on a core principle: the company’s goal becomes our goal. In this sense, our services are aimed at creating a secure, resilient, and zero-loss organization, preventing, managing, and resolving crisis situations, and accompanying the company in its national and/or international growth journey, identifying new opportunities.

The KRIPTIA project has grown and solidified thanks to a strict ethical code, an integral part of each service offered. Maximum confidentiality, source accuracy, responsibility, and professionalism form the foundation of our work and represent each team member.

KRIPTIA Srl is committed to:
Respecting regulations and improving over time

The company and all its personnel comply with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard regarding social responsibility, process and service quality, workplace safety and health, and environmental conservation aspects.

Additionally, it complies with all applicable legislative requirements and agreements relevant to its operations.

Pursuing a commitment to reducing environmental pollution

The company understands that “efficient” management is crucial in combating any kind of waste and encourages its personnel to adopt behaviors that reduce energy, raw material, and resource consumption, following the provided guidelines and instructions, and offering suggestions in turn.

Training, informing, instructing, and raising employee awareness

Training and raising awareness among employees is a fundamental principle for our company. Our goal is to provide the necessary training and education so that our workers can operate with quality, safety, and respect for environmental regulations.

Respecting work-life balance and employee well-being

Any performance, numerical or economic goal must be accompanied by appropriate sustainability (ethical, social, environmental, and technological). For this reason, Kriptia places the individual, their growth, and well-being at the center of its growth and innovation perspective. The individual, seen as

Kriptia Srl

a resource, becomes a symbol of the ability to adequately respond to various business vicissitudes, accompanied by the awareness that every human and professional growth of our resources is a growth for the company itself.

Quality Requirements

The company has established a quality management system designed to ensure and improve the quality of business processes, in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, ensuring that service delivery meets the defined customer requirements and expectations.

The Quality Management System consists of a set of responsibilities, procedures, actions, structures, and resources designed to implement the policy defined by management as effectively as possible, achieving continuous system improvement, including the goals set from time to time.

Working Towards Goals

This policy can only be effectively implemented if management ensures its maximum commitment to periodically reviewing both the application methods and the system’s effectiveness.

Through constant monitoring and analysis of data related to stakeholder satisfaction, the system, processes, and services, management defines the goals that the company must pursue to implement this document.

Kriptia periodically defines and reviews objectives, the implemented management system, and this policy according to the following guidelines:

  • strengthening and developing the current position of safeguarding health and well-being for all company participants;
  • commitment to preventing workplace injuries and illnesses and continuously improving HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) management and performance;
  • improving the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and services provided, environmental performance, and site safety, adopting the principle that prevention is better than correction;
  • consolidating organizational functionality, making it flexible for prompt client and stakeholder responses and objective monitoring;
  • ensuring knowledge of client requirements within the company, aiming to exceed their expectations;
  • commitment to complying with all applicable regulatory requirements and all subscribed requirements related to HSE hazards. Achieving these goals requires the involvement and consultation of all personnel: management responsibilities extend throughout the entire organization, from the employer to each worker, according to their duties and competencies. The policy is reviewed periodically during management reviews and communicated to all employees. KRIPTIA Srl therefore trusts that all personnel will continue their commitment and collaboration, with the professionalism already demonstrated, to achieve the established strategic objectives.