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Kriptia consists of a team of carefully selected young experts located around the world who are familiar with the most advanced tools or cutting-edge methodologies, focusing on perennial training and information.

About Us

About Kriptia

Kriptia is a project born in 2012 with the goal of providing pioneering solutions in the areas of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), counterparty analysis, business intelligence and security management, a field that at the time was not widespread in Italy. Initially conceived as a cutting-edge project, Kriptia has evolved over time, becoming a benchmark in the security sector for Italian companies.

Kriptia’s founding core lies in the desire to support corporate entities in managing challenges related to the physical security of premises and people, as well as business and reputation protection, through the application of advanced business intelligence and security management strategies. Over the years, we have expanded our resources and experience, extending our presence beyond national borders in 2015, to offer our services to an increasingly international audience.

Driven by a strict code of ethics and a mission to promote enterprise development and security, today Kriptia can proudly boast an established portfolio of clients both domestically and internationally in the field of corporate intelligence and security management. Our ongoing commitment is to ensure innovative and reliable security solutions, adapting to the evolving business and global environment.

A team of experts at your service.

The name “Kriptia” draws inspiration from the Greek word “κρυπτός” (kryptós), meaning “hidden” or “secret.” This brings to mind an elite team of young warriors in the history of Sparta, responsible for the city’s strategic successes. Similarly, our team consists of carefully selected young experts with practical experience and training, capable of using advanced tools and techniques of corporate intelligence and security management to ensure the security of client companies.

Kriptia is distinguished by its dedicated team of skilled professionals committed to applying best practices in business intelligence and security management, and a robust and extensive information gathering network. Our vision is to be a trusted partner for companies seeking innovative, customized security solutions based on an advanced business intelligence and security management approach.

Code of Ethics and Charter of Values

The Kriptia project has grown and strengthened through a strict code of ethics, an integral part of every service offered.

Kriptia’s Charter of Values represents the ethical foundation on which our operations are based. Each team member is expected to respect and adhere to these principles, which reflect a commitment to the highest quality and integrity in our services. Below, we present the key principles of our Charter of Values.

Maximum Privacy

We ensure the utmost confidentiality and protection of confidential information. Customer data, business strategies, and sensitive information are treated with the utmost security and confidentiality.

Authenticity Of Sources

We are committed to using accurate and verified sources. Research and information gathering are conducted diligently and based on reliable sources, thus contributing to the construction of high-quality services.


Each team member is responsible for his or her own actions and decisions. We promote a culture of individual and collective responsibility, ensuring that everyone takes responsibility for the consequences of their choices.


Loyalty is fundamental to team cohesion and customer relationships. We strive to be loyal to each other and to our clients, working together to achieve common goals.


We operate with the utmost professionalism in every aspect of our work. We maintain high standards in communication, interpersonal relations and service delivery, thus ensuring the trust of our clients.

The Kriptia Charter of Values represents our ongoing commitment to ethical and operational excellence. Each team member is encouraged to embrace it and contribute to the maintenance of a high ethical standard in all activities related to the Kriptia project.

Kriptia Around the World

With several locations around the world and a global network of more than 200 highly qualified professionals, Kriptia is able to operate easily in any part of the world.


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Members are associated to WAD, ASIS, Aipsa, Federpol and Alpha Institute.