Security Governance

Borderless Security for Your Major Projects

Security Governance

When it comes to protecting your business, don't compromise on security.

With Kriptia, the world’s leading provider of advanced security solutions, your project will be safe from threats anywhere in the world. Learn how our innovative security plan has successfully protected major works both at home and abroad. Through security plan report or application of best standards and ISO31000 we can provide you with security assessment of your projects, organizations or facilities.

Security on a Global Scale

With a worldwide presence, Kriptia offers security without borders. We have successfully protected major works in Italy, ensuring the protection of sensitive sites and critical infrastructure. But we don’t stop there. Thanks to our international presence, we extend our protection to major works around the world, ensuring security regardless of location.

Customization for Every Project.

We know that every major work is unique. That’s why our team of experts works closely with the Client to customize a security plan tailored to your specific needs. From critical infrastructure to industrial sites, construction projects to offices, Kriptia has the perfect solution for you.
Case study

Kriptia Protects a Multinational Company with a Global Security Plan.

A large manufacturing company with numerous overseas subsidiaries recently faced a series of security threats that put its operations and intellectual property protection at risk. This company, renowned for manufacturing high-precision mechanical components, recognized the need for a global security plan and turned to the experts at Kriptia to find a solution.

The Challenge: The company was exposed to several risks, including intellectual property theft, vulnerabilities in physical infrastructure, and lack of an effective contingency plan. Protection of sensitive data and business continuity were primary concerns.

Kriptia’s Intervention: Kriptia professionals conducted a comprehensive risk assessment to identify key vulnerabilities. This initial phase involved a thorough analysis of internal and external infrastructure, facility inspections, and interviews with staff to better understand potential threats.

Security Plan Development: With the information gathered, Kriptia developed a tailored security plan. This plan included the implementation of advanced IT solutions, such as firewalls and data encryption, to protect intellectual property. In addition, physical security measures were strengthened with surveillance cameras and access control systems.

A crucial aspect of the plan was the creation of a detailed emergency protocol.

Kriptia helped the company establish a business continuity plan, with emergency simulations and staff training to ensure a rapid and coordinated response in the event of a crisis.

Training and Monitoring: Kriptia held training sessions for all employees, making sure they were well informed about the new security procedures.

In addition, a continuous monitoring system was implemented to adapt security measures to new and emerging threats.

Results: Thanks to Kriptia’s intervention, the company drastically reduced its vulnerabilities. Protection of intellectual property and sensitive data was greatly improved, and the security of employees and operational facilities was ensured. The emergency protocol ensured that the company was ready to respond quickly to any crisis, guaranteeing business continuity.

Conclusion: This case demonstrates the crucial importance of Kriptia’s experience and professionalism. Their ability to develop and implement a comprehensive security plan not only protected the company from current threats, but also created a secure and resilient operating environment. Kriptia’s intervention enabled the company to initiate secure internal processes, providing protection and peace of mind both at home and abroad.

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to the security of your facilities or people. Rely on Kriptia for a customized security plan that will protect you wherever you go. Contact us today to discover how we can safeguard your project and ensure your peace of mind. With Kriptia, security always comes first.