Digital Platforms

Kriptia has innovativeproprietary digital platforms that it makes available to its clients to automate Risk Audit, Security Management and Due Diligence processes.

Digital Platforms

Krion: an innovative Risk Management platform.

Krion: an innovative risk management platform.
Krion is an innovative Risk Management platform designed and implemented by Kriptia to assess and reduce business-related risks.

Krion is designed to automate Risk Audit, Due Diligence and Travel Security processes, which enable the management of the analysis process, providing estimates and measures to deal with risk and derive strategic benefits for the Company.

SecurityHotels: we assess your hotel facility's risks.

SecurityHotels certifies facilities that want to improve their security: it is an independent body specialized in security & hospitality that, using its worldwide network of consultants, offers an objective risk assessment service for hotel facilities.

SecurityHotels therefore performs a dual service in this perspective: on the one hand, it works with facilities so that they can guarantee high security standards; on the other hand, it establishes guidelines, and enables facilities to certify themselves.